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Betting books about exchanges and systems

Betting exchanges currently allow a new, and very promising type of sports betting speculation. We offer to give you an insight into the mechanisms of the betting exchanges and to show you how to develop your own betting strategies.
On one of the leading online betting exchanges, sports betting fans from around the world compete and bet with and against each other. This video can give you and many others a jump start and valuable tips to help you in the world of football bets to quickly find the right way and get started.

Here, here is also a lot about football bets and also information on textbooks. We present here a few books, in no particular order, that focus on sports betting. Learn more about the remote viewing method or different insider tips, so you can do it like a professional.

Further, the decades-long experience with “Remote Viewing” Betting has shown that this technique for finding hidden information can be used for almost any purpose – so why not for gambling or at the stock market? The lottery could be difficult – this we could see quite soon – because of the millions of possibilities of future development, but the limited scope of real conflicts, you can bet on that one, was managed soon by a circle of happy users.

The amazing thing is that you actually have a success rate of 70-80% with no previous knowledge of the rules of the game, the sport itself, or the counterparty, in order to be able to predict the outcome of a sporting event. In this book you will find an outline of the “remote viewing” method and all the tips and tricks that could be developed over time, illustrated with ten examples of the three basic areas of individual examination, team sports and tournament development. Have fun with it, use the chance to bet and win some!

Is it that you are excited about the possibilities of sports betting, but so far your tip decisions have been rather taken the plunge and you lost in the end? Do you want to know how to use the statistics for game analysis? Are you still uncertain how much you want to risk per bet?

An expert will take you by the hand and lead you through the examples, and through the betting process of a Bundesleague game. He supports his decisions, using mathematical formulas, without taking away the fun of reading it through. This is an entertaining guide that has an introduction to more successfully guide you through the experiences in your football betting.

Strategy sports betting is more popular today than ever. Also in Europe, soccer betting is favorite with many. The offer goes far beyond the big events like the World Cup, too. Round the clock, global sporting events can be set world wide. Now, we, in this present book, the sports betting expert Steve Hennings will pave the way for success-oriented bets. In addition to the basic principles, profitable betting strategies are explained as well. And of course, the fans of the combo box or system bets can get full return on their money.

If you have studied this book through, you have a tool that can be of great advantage in many situations. With the multitude professional tips and tricks you can also earn quite a lot of money with sports betting soon!

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German sports betting dispute goes to EU Court

The suit over sports betting in the Federal Republic of Germany has now been called in the European Court in Luxembourg. The judge must consider clarifying the question of whether the force in Germany’s state monopoly on sports betting is in accordance with the EU law.

A judgment, however, can be expected no sooner than 2010. Private betting shop operators from several states have started lawsuit in Germany, because they are forbidden to conduct bets from other EU countries with reference to the court’s monopoly right. Thus, for example, this prohibits a company based in Gibraltar to offer bets in Germany via the Internet.

After the State Treaty of 2008 gambling can be allowed only when offered by the state lottery companies. The exceptions in this case are – to make bettings on horse racing, slot machines and casinos. The goal was to curb gambling addiction by making gambling nationalized. Plaintiffs seem thereby to be put at a disadvantage, because they believe that betting on horse racing and gambling at the slot machines have a much higher potential for addiction than sports such as football betting.

In addition this comes to upset the plaintiffs that state that lottery companies do advertising for betting, despite the fact that the contract served as just an excessive incentive ever.

Clarification on the part of the private gaming providers was eagerly awaited, since the 2010 World Cup in South Africa is a large and strong sales event still pending.

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New gambling contract for Germany

Good news for private sports betting companies: the German sports betting market is to be opened to private broadcasters. So finally sports betting on soccer betting are allowed.

The current gambling treaty expires in the end of 2011. The EU has demanded a inspection of Germany (see the section News below). From 2012, seven licenses will go to private sports betting companies nationwide. In return, they have to give out 16.6% of the stake to the government. For this then, the Football League Clubs will have the permission to advertise the bookmakers on their jerseys. Even advertising for sports betting in the Football League will be allowed in the stadiums’ perimeter.

However, live betting sports in this field are not given away freely. To learn what a live bet is, visit our Section Betting ABC. This rule was run at first as an experiment and after 5 years there will be a possible addiction to the test.

Under this new arrangement, the Federal Republic complies with the call for the renewal of the State Treaty on gaming. The currently valid Betting Monopoly, which is limiting exactly the free movement of services in the EU, applies to the European judges as well.

German sports betting dispute solved in EU Court

The European Court of Justice (ECJ) declared the German monopoly on gambling inadmissible, and with that tilted the government’s sought gambling monopoly.

Within the framework and in the context of the organization of sporting bets and lotteries in Germany, the established state’s monopoly and the objective of combating the dangers associated with gambling is not tracked systematically and coherently.

The EU’s highest judges in Luxembourg say that the German regulation should not be applied, as they are a form of gambling, and sports betting is not – and I quote – “defined in a consistent and systematic manner”. This is a form of violation of the right of establishment and freedom to provide services within the EU.

The EU’s highest judge made it clear, though, that an European Union country should in principle restrict the free movement of services and the freedom of establishment. This was, for example, in the case of the fight against gambling addiction, but German courts had “reason to conclude that the German rules do not limit games of chance in a consistent and systematic manner.” There are currently several lawsuits in German courts against the monopoly of private providers, which are still are pending.

The owner of the German monopolies is operating their campaigns in such a way as to make more profit. And for the others, those more dangerous games, such as slot machines, the monopoly does not apply. Under these circumstances, the preventive objective of that monopoly can no longer be pursued effectively, so that the monopoly can not be justified – as the judges in Luxembourg as well proclaimed.
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